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We love ourselves a little bit of camping, and these places have it all set up for you. Glamping at its best in some of the most beautiful scenery to escape from the daily grind. What’s even better? You can take your dog with you, they are all pet-friendly! THE STORYTELLERS ORGANIC FARM Where Agter-Pakhuis […]
dog-diets how to guide
If only human diets were as easy to follow as doggie diets! You guys might recall that I was so shocked last year when the veil across my eyes lifted and I saw my dogs as the little sausages they had become (My Dog Got Fat, Now What?!). They had become a little more rectangular […]
We’ve just come back from holiday and you’re already looking for the next excuse to get away 🙂 Look no further, Valentines Day is around the corner, and if you act fast, you can still snatch up these amazing pet-friendly (pet-safe) getaways on Holidawgs and take your whole family with for the weekend. We have […]
Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with your pet. Both presents and food overflow, but there are some (presents) and food that are hazardous to your pets. Keep this in mind this Christmas to ensure a safe season for all in your household. Christmas Lunch & Cooked Bones: We all like to […]
It’s a lovely rainy day in Cape Town today – odd for summer, but not for Cape Town :p (4 seasons in a day! haha) Anyhoo, with the rain comes boredom for most dogs. Shakti absolutely abhores wet weather and she won’t even go out for a wee! Shiva is not bothered too much, but […]
obese-dogs get your dog fit and healthy
I’ve been looking at my dog the last few days, and realised he is quite obese. It feels like this happened overnight, but it is with shame in my heart that I know I am to blame. A piece of cheese here, a cookie there and all of a sudden he looks like a sausage. […]
obiqua duikersdrift dog friendly restaurant
We recently stayed at one of our pet-safe getaways in Tulbagh, Vindoux Tree Lodge with our two doggos, Shiva & Shakti. We had the best time!! We don’t always venture outside of the Getaway we stay at, but when we are close to some great dog-friendly restaurants and pet-friendly activities, we try. 🙂 Tulbagh also […]
socialisation dog walks
It’s been a while since we posted an update on our socialisation training with the furkids. Nearly 3 months in fact! Well many of those weeks our walks were rained out, but even so our puppers settled in very quickly to enjoy the sessions when they resumed. Let’s bring you up to speed with what’s […]
pet-friendly fenced & enclosed accommodation
Travelling with dogs can be quite a hair-raising experience for any dog parent. Many of us have to trawl through a number of websites to thoroughly investigate whether it states the establishment is enclosed or not. This is the lot of either shy dogs, non-social dogs, naughty dogs, or just tired dog parents 🙂 And […]

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