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About Us was created by Christine & Jacques, a couple that are passionate about their dogs, and animals in general.

A weekend away without out beloved “furkids” is just not the same. But, we’ve found that throughout the years, merely using a “pet-friendly” search on a number of travel booking sites, was just not enough. A few times we’ve arrived at an accommodation stating that they are pet-friendly with enclosed yards, to find that there were large sections of the wall missing (ie not fully enclosed), or dogs nearby, or a boundary wall easy for even our medium-sized dogs to jump.

We have a little escape artist in Shakti, so we have to make sure that wherever we go is “Shakti-proof”.

We created with the intention of creating a way for pet owners to quickly and easily be able to ascertain how pet-safe (TM) an establishment is through our unique safety rating system. Each accommodation is put to the test, and reviewed against these criteria from guests. So you always get an objective view, specifically from guests travelling with dogs.

The site’s pet-safe (TM) rating is modelled on medium-sized dogs, but we also provide a pet-safe (TM) rating for small and large dogs alongside each accommodation.

In addition to helping you find pet-safe (TM) accommodation, every booking made through donates to animal charities.

Happy and safe travels!
Christine & Jacques, Shiva & Shakti (our dogs)

Shiva & Shakti