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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get My Establishment Listed?

We only list pet-friendly establishments. Get in in touch with us, or proceed to our Get Listed page and complete our Pet-Safe (TM) Questionnaire to find out if you qualify to list.

What is the Payment to earn commission on every booking. Our booking fee is 10% of the booking total from confirmed bookings through this site. We do not charge users a booking fee to use our site.

Can I Nominate an establishment?

Absolutely! If you nominate an establishment and they are successfully listed and booked through, the first booking’s full commission is given to a charity of YOUR choice.

How do Bookings work?

At this time offer an enquiry based booking process. This means that as a user you have to complete a booking request for the dates you wish to travel, and we will liaise with the establishment directly to find suitable dates, and confirm your booking. Payment is directly to the establishment at this time. This also means that we work on a trust basis with our accommodation listings. We aim to release full calendar integration to offer real-time availability and booking through our site in the near future.

How are Charity Organisations chosen?

We personally volunteer, work with and support a number of charities, who we have chosen to list and donate to. The aim is to gather charities throughout South Africa and really make a difference to the good work they do. You can nominate a charity by getting in touch with us, or suggesting an establishment to list.

How much is donated to animal welfare?

The first booking of all establishments’ full commission is shared and donated to our listed charities for that month. Thereafter, a portion of all bookings from that accommodation is shared amongst, and donated to our listed charities on an ongoing basis.

Can I foster a doggie for the weekend?

Yes! If you’d like to take a doggo with you for a weekend getaway, to see how they integrate with your family, we work specifically with XYZ Charity. Weekend foster rules are super strict, and home checks will be conducted prior a weekend checkout of any of the dogs. If you then choose to adopt the dog you took on holiday, we will cover all of their adoption fees.