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We love finding new pet-friendly accommodations and adding them to our site, but we do have some strict criteria.

We pride ourselves in not being just another pet-friendly website. Our accommodations have to complete and fulfil basic requirements determined by our proprietary Pet-Safe (TM) rating system.

Step 1: Find out if you Qualify by completing the Pet-Safe (TM) Questionnaire. We’ll send you the results within two days of completion. Our rating is based out of a possible 5-stars and measures the safety of the environment for dogs, so the whole family can have a more enjoyable stay. Read more about our Pet-Safe (TM) rating here >

If you Qualify you get:

  1. A unique listing created for your establishment with NO set-up fee.
  2. Verified Pet-Safe (TM) rating
  3. Additional exposure through our website to a very specific and exclusive audience
  4. Featured accommodation marketing to our select and niche users
  5. Free site-inspection & review by our Founders
  6. Qualified leads
  7. Nightsbridge sync (once this feature is released)

PLUS: We share part of our commission earned for booking your establishment back to animal charities! We’re pretty serious about giving back to animal welfare AND the first booking of all establishments we’ll pass the total commission on to our supported charity organisations! (View who we support here, or nominate a specific one.) Thereafter part of our commission will be shared on an ongoing basis.

Don’t fret, if you don’t quite make the “green list” right away, we’ll send you a list of areas for improvement, once you have fulfilled the criteria, you are welcome to try and improve on your rating again.

Our founders try to visit all establishments themselves to test against the Pet-Safe (TM) rating and provide objective and honest feedback in their reviews.

Should you not be ready to complete the Questionnaire right-away, or have any questions, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to add more pet-safe places to our list.