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Our Charities

Animal Welfare & Charity Organisations we support through

These are some of the animal shelters and charity organisations that are supported through your bookings through

Don’t see one of your favourites here? Nominate a charity as part of nominating an accommodation, or get in touch with us to suggest a charity without nominating an accommodation.

Donations to charities:

The first booking for all establishments’ full commission is shared and donated to our listed charities for that month. Thereafter, a portion of all bookings from that accommodation is shared amongst, and donated to our listed charities on an ongoing basis.

The charities we currently support:

  1. Lucky Lucy
  2. Fallen Angels Pet Rescue
  3. ROAR for Paws
  4. PADS
  5. Border Collie Rescue
  6. LEAPS
  7. CoGH SPCA
  8. Purple Kennel Project

Dog Adoption Holiday!

Recently adopted a dog from one of our charities, and have booked a Holidawg getaway with them? Share it with us, and we give back even more! Read more about Dog Adoption Holidays here.