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10 Easter Treats for your Dog

Who said the pups couldn’t also enjoy some Easter fun? We’ve rounded up easy-to-make treats that are healthy and you can feel guilt-free in sharing these with your furkids. Why not make it a game and hide them or play one of the stimulation games from our Homemade Dog Toys article to keep your pups entertained over Easter this year?


If you’re not a fan of baking, most Vet Shops (even Takealot) sell these really great dog biscuits called Iced Biscuits. They are peanut butter flavoured and smell oh so good! Just buy a box and share in the Easter fun with your furkids!




10 Awesome Dog Friendly Easter Treat Recipes:

dog-turkey-meatloaf1 – Woof Turkey Loaf

Want to give them something different for Easter Lunch so they can also enjoy with the rest of the family? Turkey, peas, and carrots make this treat more nutritious than your typical meatloaf. I love that it includes veggies and eggs too! If you can’t find any ground turkey, chicken can be substituted. See full Woof Loaf Dog Turkey loaf recipe here.



doggie-carrot-pupcakes2 – Carrot Mini Muffins

Unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon, known for its anti-inflammatory properties makes this a great go-to for pups or parents. If your dog is gluten intolerant, wheat flour can be substituted for almond or coconut. When I make my banana-peanut butter pupcakes for our furkids, I like to use almond flour or combination of almond and wheat to make it a little healthier, but still stay moist. Full carrot mini muffin recipe here.


cream-cheese-easter-nest-dog-cookies3 – Cream Cheese Easter Nests

Coconut flour takes the place of wheat to make these treats so nutritious. The recipe calls for half coconut and half rice-flour, however you can substitute for both with either or. 🙂 The little eggs are also made of cream cheese and coloured for fun. Don’t like artificial colouring? Try a natural colouring agent (e.g. blueberry juice, beet-juice) or use carob powder to make chocolate eggs instead. Full Cream Cheese Nest Dog Cookie recipe here.


carrot-apple-dog-cookies4 – Carrot-Apple Bunnies

Carrots, apples, and olive oil shaped in the form of bunnies make a super cute Easter cookie treat! Substitute whole wheat flour with coconut or almond flour for a healthier version if preferred. Full recipe for Carrot Apple Dog Easter Cookies available here.



dog-friendly-easter-eggs5 – Dog Friendly Easter Eggs

These Easter treats can be made from either carob or yoghurt! Why not mix things up and do both?! The carob ones look exactly like “real” easter eggs – just don’t get confused! These make awesome gifts too, and you’ll get extra credit if you find some Chocolate foil to wrap them in and make little gift bags for friends’ pups too! Just remember to remove the foil before feeding them to your pup. 😉 Full Dog Friendly Easter Egg Recipe here.


dog-biscuit-recipe6 – Easter Cookies

These doggie biscuits can be made anytime of year! Decorate them for birthdays or any special occasion or leave them plain. They’re so easy and fun too. made with your choice of flour and yoghurt, find the Easter Doggie Biscuits recipe here, and here is another variation made with peanut butter and pumpkin instead. The video in this Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Easter Doggie Biscuits recipe will have your heart melt! It’s a must-see 😉


iced-dog-biscuit-recipe7 – Homemade Iced Easter Dog Biscuits

Use the recipe for Easter Cookies above and this one to make doggie friendly icing! Although for the icing you can choose to use carob or yoghurt, this one uses arrowroot flour and water. Get recipe for Homemade Iced Easter Dog Biscuits here.


doggie-marshmellow-treats8 – Easter Doggie Marshmallow Treats

These are relatively easy to make, but can get quick sticky! Use a silicon mold to help prevent marshmellows from sticking, or if you want to just create square marshmellows, pour the mixure into a pan and cut into squares once set. They do need about 5 hours to property set, so this one is not a quick make and treat 🙂 Find the full recipe for the Doggie Marshmellow Treats here.


dog-friendly-hot-cross-bun-recipe9 – Dog Cross Bun Cookies

These taste and smell like our beloved Hot Cross Buns, but are much healthier for your pups than sharing a piece of yours. Instead of a bun, these are also biscuits 🙂 Remember not to use nutmeg or raisins in your pup-version, but rather use cinnamon. This is also a great recipe as peanut butter gingerbread or apple or banana biscuit versions. Full recipe to the Dog Friendly Hot Cross Buns cookies.


carob-dog-gummies10 – Carob Gummy Easter Dog Treats

These are super easy and dogs just love them! A 3 ingredient recipe you can use for anytime of the year. Water, gelatin and carob powder. You can bolster these with a dog friendly stock instead of plain water too, to make an even tastier treat! Find the full Carob Gummy Easter Dog Treat recipe here.



All of the above treats are simply scrumptious for human consumption too 😉

With all the above treats, remember that they are still indulgent dog cookies so enjoy in moderation. Always have fresh water available for your pups.

Have you tried any of these recipes, or have your own you love to make your furkids? Share with us in the comments or on our Holidawgs FB page!

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