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It’s been five weeks of lockdown in South Africa in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Level 5 full lockdown meant no walkies for our dogs, which produced more sad faces, confusion and possibly even holes in the garden from frustration. But it’s also allowed us to spend more time with our […]
dog-diets how to guide
If only human diets were as easy to follow as doggie diets! You guys might recall that I was so shocked last year when the veil across my eyes lifted and I saw my dogs as the little sausages they had become (My Dog Got Fat, Now What?!). They had become a little more rectangular […]
christmas hazards for dogs
Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with your pet. Both presents and food overflow, but there are some (presents) and food that are hazardous to your pets. Keep this in mind this Christmas to ensure a safe season for all in your household. Christmas Lunch & Cooked Bones: We all like to […]
rainy day dog enrichment games
It’s a lovely rainy day in Cape Town today – odd for summer, but not for Cape Town :p (4 seasons in a day! haha) Anyhoo, with the rain comes boredom for most dogs. Shakti absolutely abhores wet weather and she won’t even go out for a wee! Shiva is not bothered too much, but […]
Who said the pups couldn’t also enjoy some Easter fun? We’ve rounded up easy-to-make treats that are healthy and you can feel guilt-free in sharing these with your furkids. Why not make it a game and hide them or play one of the stimulation games from our Homemade Dog Toys article to keep your pups entertained […]
Winter is firmly on it’s way, or for the Game of Throne’s fans, very much here! As days become more wet and cold, it’s nice to provide your furkids some activities and games with which to keep themselves occupied. Dog toys and games can be quite expensive, so I’ve started trying to make some homemade […]
best pet-friendly beaches in cape town
South Africa is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the entire world, and you haven’t experienced beauty until you’ve watched the sun setting on the waves – and dug sand out of places that you didn’t know you had… Our dogs love the beach just as much as we do, but not […]
keep your dog hydrated
It’s summer in South Africa, and in Cape Town, we’re overheating properly with temperatures soaring in the high 30s. Dehydration can be very dangerous to your dog, and as a pet owner it’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog has access to clean water at all times – especially when you’re taking your dog […]
dog safety from snakes & ticks
Summer is here, and with the warmer weather we spend more time outdoors with our pets and go on more hikes etc. As we come out of our winter hiding, so too snakes start to make more appearances as well. Now I don’t know about you, but lately there have been a lot of snake-sightings […]