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socialisation dog walks
It’s been a while since we posted an update on our socialisation training with the furkids. Nearly 3 months in fact! Well many of those weeks our walks were rained out, but even so our puppers settled in very quickly to enjoy the sessions when they resumed. Let’s bring you up to speed with what’s […]
dog checking in
If you’re following our Socialisation Training series, things have been going quite well and our pups are making good progress! I posted a brief update at the end of my last blog post, as a few of you did reach out to me with concerns about that first walking environment. Ever since we stopped walking […]
dog walking and training
Last week our pups went for their first training walk. We had no idea what to expect, but we were quite excited for what the day could bring. We joined Just Dog’s trainer, Jessa, at a neighbouring park where other dog walkers take some of their packs to run free and get some exercise. The […]
On Friday we continued our second part of our behavioural consult from Just Dogs for our two dogs, Shiva & Shakti. We met Lucy and one of her trainers, Jessa, at Leadville Dog park to assess the situation around other dogs. Lucy brought a pack of well socialised dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes […]
From reactive to social - behaviour training
Today was the fist day of what I’m hoping will be a life changing adventure for us and our dogs, Shiva and Shakti our two rescues. As rescues go, both from harsh backgrounds which took a lot of patience to help them settle in a stable home environment. After three years with us, they have […]