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Dogs & Music – Does Binaurial Music Influence Dogs?

Could there be something to this?

Today I stayed at home to dog-sit the furkids as we have painters in the yard doing some touchups. Our two were quite anxious with all the sounds in their yard. There was a lot of barking and clawing at the door as you can imagine. Naturally I turned to YouTube for answers and discovered a channel called TVforDogs (Relax My Dog). They claim that they have helped over 4million dogs relax, stay calm during fireworks, or help cope with separation anxiety – and have a bunch of different tracks to listen to. I was quite skeptical, but what have you got to lose when you’re trying to work 🙂

The music is pretty much binaurial music meets classical. The dogs quickly calmed down and were soon fast asleep and relaxed. I kept it on for the rest of the day and even with the banging on the windows and noise outside in the yard, they hardly made a peep.

I listen to binaurial music when I am trying to focus on a piece of work, and I find that it helps for me.

Listening to these tracks today definitely had me calmer too.

So did it really calm my two, or did they just get used to the noise outside, or were they calmer as I was calmer?

Have you guys tried this, and what do you think? Comment below & share your stories and thoughts!

If you want to give the channel a try, this was one of my our favourite tracks: TV for Dogs to Watch: Birds in Nature with Relaxing Music for Dogs in Summer!

PS: there isn’t really anything for them to watch – just a live stream camera (that I think is recorded and on loop 😛 )


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