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Dogs on Holiday

We absolutely love travelling with our dogs, or furkids, as we like to call them, and definitely also consider them to be, but finding places that are appropriate where all of us can relax, has always been difficult.

We started making lists of places that we tried and tested, where we knew we could stay, hassle-free. Most of the weekends away were blissful, but some, really, really hard! Only as many of the pet-friendly establishments don’t always consider that there are different kinds of dogs. I don’t mean only size wise. Curiosity, mischief and Houdini levels needed to be considered as well. Sadly we found out the hard way at a few places…

This got us thinking…surely there must be more people like us that travel with dogs, that would like to know exactly what to expect for their very specific dogs when going places. And hence was born.

We hope that our pet-safe(TM) rating system helps you with your choice of destinations and with your own furkids. And hopefully the whole family can enjoy getaways, rather than chasing the one that is getting away the whole weekend. 😉

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