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pet-friendly fenced & enclosed accommodation
Travelling with dogs can be quite a hair-raising experience for any dog parent. Many of us have to trawl through a number of websites to thoroughly investigate whether it states the establishment is enclosed or not. This is the lot of either shy dogs, non-social dogs, naughty dogs, or just tired dog parents 🙂 And […]
dogs life jackets, fleeces for dogs
Who knew that finding a fleece jacket for large size dogs could pose such a challenge? Yes, I know I’m probably a bit late to the party on buying these, but wow – all large sizes sold out, or just not catered for? You other dog mums beat me to it! 🙂 I love walking […]
dog-bed-vacuum keeping house clean
Never in all my years owning pets have I ever managed to find the vacuum cleaner that actually survives long enough to make a difference in cleaning up pet hair and dust. And lord knows as dog-mums we need a strong one. I also must admit that the thought of buying one of those top […]
dog-river holiday
We’re here, and Christmas & New Year holidays are a mere three weeks away. If you haven’t yet booked your holiday getaway for this period, don’t fear, we have just sourced a handful of Getaways that still have availability. All Holidawgs Getaways were snatched up really early this year. The Getaways mentioned below, are not […]
Christmas is approaching, and no matter how you feel about the music of the season playing through shopping malls everywhere, you can’t help but get caught up in the holiday season anyway. Your dogs are no different, and Christmas is always a great excuse to do something special for your pets. Why not give your […]
christmas-holidays-with dogs
It’s July already, and we’re already halfway through the year! That means that if you haven’t yet booked your end of year getaway, you may already be too late. This generally counts for all family getaways, but is possibly the toughest for fur-kid families. There are so few places that allow dogs, and of those […]
The days have gotten shorter, the nights definitely colder, and in the Western Cape, we’re getting some much needed rain. Great for the garden, not so great for those dirty little paw-prints all over the house. Will that stop us from traveling during winter months? Definitely not! Winter is considered the best time to travel […]
Choosing places to go with your beloved pet largely depends on the kind of dog you have. And by that I don’t mean only breed, but their personality. Some dogs are social and love the connection of finding and meeting other doggies on their travels, but some could be anxious and shy. When you have […]
Travelling with dogs can be tricky sometimes. Just like human kids, dogs behave differently every time you put them in the car with you.