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pet-friendly fenced & enclosed accommodation

Fenced & Enclosed Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Travelling with dogs can be quite a hair-raising experience for any dog parent. Many of us have to trawl through a number of websites to thoroughly investigate whether it states the establishment is enclosed or not. This is the lot of either shy dogs, non-social dogs, naughty dogs, or just tired dog parents 🙂 And still sometimes this is not mentioned, as getaways are very used to catering only to the human counterparts, but not quite realising there are certain questions that need to be answered when these humans travel with their dogs.

Even asking directly whether a getaway is fully enclosed does not always yield the answer you’re looking for.

This sadly happened to us before we decided to create Holidawgs Pet-Safe Getaways. The getaway promised it was fully enclosed. We arrived late the evening only to discover the front wall was knee high, and the back garden was totally open, and was open to the front as well. We carefully had to police our dogs’ every move, and still ended up chasing them up a road when they escaped, and having a really exhausting, nerve-wracking weekend. Never again, and that is how came into existence.

Travelling with dogs is becoming more and more popular. They’re our kids after all.

Younger generations are forgoing having children early in life in lieu of being able to travel more and make money go further in lifestyle pursuits. Older generations lucky enough to have kids out the house already, usually opt to adopt fur-kids in their stead, who literally become children in their own right.

Dog, and in general pet-parents spoil their beloveds as much (if not more) than human children. Getting the best dog beds, food and toys budget allows. It is only fair then that they get to travel along on holidays too.

At Holidawgs Getaways we pride ourselves in only listing establishments that are enclosed and fenced.

Our aim is to list fenced & enclosed pet-friendly accommodation across South Africa rated against our Pet-Safe rating. The rating covers how safe it is for dogs (and relaxing it will be for humans) to stay at our selected getaways. We personally like to review each getaway that we can explain and market it from personal experience so no one else will ever need to suffer what we went through prior to having this list.

Holidawgs is like our own private list of favourite places to stay with our dogs that we can book in confidence knowing what to expect, but we share it with you our fellow pet parents!

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