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Winter, the Best Time to Try New Getaways!

The days have gotten shorter, the nights definitely colder, and in the Western Cape, we’re getting some much needed rain. Great for the garden, not so great for those dirty little paw-prints all over the house.

Will that stop us from traveling during winter months? Definitely not! Winter is considered the best time to travel in South Africa by locals for many reasons. For one, the getaways all have winter rates, so, that place you were eyeing in high-season is now more affordable!

Other great benefits of travelling during winter

  1. Petrichor. That is the smell in the air after the first rains post a dry spell.
    A walk after the rain. A great dog sniffing adventure, or a trek, depending on if you’re the dog or the walker!
  2. Cosy fireplaces. Something the whole family enjoys!
  3. Snuggles! Our dogs are huge cuddlers in winter. The moment the blanket makes an appearance I can guarantee that both our dogs are there to snuggle.
  4. A slower pace. Listening to the rain & being forced to take it easy when it’s pouring outside is a great way to relax.
  5. New places. Heading inland or discovering getaways outside the Western Cape that are in warmer climates. (Karoo, Eastern Cape etc)
  6. Snakes are a little less active. I don’t know about you, but I’m so freaked out about this! Not only for me, but the fur-kids too. Luckily during winter months, snakes are a little less active below 18 degrees Celcius, but do still come out to enjoy sunny days. So keep an eye out.

Finding places that work for dogs too
Dogs don’t always enjoy being cooped up inside all the time…well, unless your dogs are like our Shakti. She is such an outside dog, until it rains. She hates water! So when it rains, you’ll find her furthest away from any door that could lead outside.

Getaways that offer large, covered patios are ideal. That way they can dart out in the garden when needed, but still relax on the stoep and be dry. If you’re not much a rain person either, the stoep will offer a nice area to sit with them, braai or play.

It also offers a little respite from wet dogs darting inside immediately after being outside in the rain, and gives you one minute to dry them off, and for them to shake-off outside, instead of inside 🙂

What you can do to help getaways out
Our Getaways get it. They are dog people. But there are still things you can do to help them stay that way. Small conscientious things that you probably do already anyway.

  1. Pack an extra towel per dog. This to dry them off, or dry off their feet before they run into the house, or to clean up after them.
  2. Pack a bedsheet or old blanket. Use this to cover the couch or bed of the getaway, especially if your fur-babies are prone to couch/bed living.
  3. Wipe up any muddy prints. It’s inevitable that there will be wet footprints from the whole family. Kindly wipe up with the towel you brought, or use toilet paper to keep the place as tidy as you found it.

Our top picks for winter:
We’re continuously adding great places to our getaways list, so this list is by no means final. As it stands right now, these are our top picks for winter getaways:

  1. Mooiplaas – Bainskloof. Sleeps 4. R1,300 per night.
  2. De Melkportaal – Bredasdorp. Sleeps 2. R850 per night in winter.
  3. Keurkloof Cottage – Matjiesfontein. Sleeps 5. R820 per night in winter.
  4. Vindoux Luxury Tree Lodge – Tulbagh. Sleeps 6. R2,100 per night in winter.
  5. Barking Beach Cottage – Hermanus. Sleeps 6. R1,750 per night in winter.

We hope this list has convinced you a little more to explore during this winter.
If you have a favourite winter getaway you feel should be listed with us, please let us know!

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